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THE CONservatory

There are about 700 students at "Francesco Venezze" Rovigo Conservatory and about out of the total are following the various Bachelor's and Master's degrees. There are about 200 students attending the preparatory courses. More than 100 teachers work at Rovigo Conservatory.
This large number is a result of the wide-ranging education, with about 120 main subjects and a variety of courses: classical music, jazz, composition for multimedia and music education. There are also several masterclasses and workshops each year, wich are given by guest lecturers coming from Italy and abroad.

Rovigo Conservatory is in contact with several educational institutions abroad with the purpose of exchanging lecturers, students and projects. Foreign students can attend Rovigo Conservatory as regular students or as exchange students in international programmes. 

Operas, concert seasons and festivals are also organised at Rovigo Conservatory. Short operas have been produced in cooperation with the Teatro Sociale of Rovigo in the last few years. A special Jazz Festival is held every year, starring many oustanding guests from Italy and abroad. Two exhibitions, titled 'Music and Painting' and 'Music and Poetry', are organised every year along with concerts and conferences in collaboration with the Accademia dei Concordi, whose glamorous picture-gallery wonderfully frames all the events. Rovigo Conservatory take also part in the activities of the 'Simultaneo Ensemble' and in the 'Orchestra dei Conservatori del Veneto', so as to offer students good performing opportunities and highly valuable experiences wich may turn useful as a lik between training and placement in professional orchestras and chamber groups.

The Conservatory is located in Palazzo Venezze, a glamorous example of Venetian architecture. The building also houses a Library, consisting of more than 9000 volumes (monographs, essays, orchestral scores, vocal and chamber scores). The volumes can be borrowed on request. In the Library there are also reference books, specialised magazines, and a wide collection of records, CDs and recordings of the live concerts held in the Conservatory.

Rovigo Conservatory has multimedia rooms equipped with the latest generation instrumentation for the audio video prduction and post-production with specialised software, for didactic use and for recording and broacasting live.

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