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Rovigo Conservatory does not offer accommodation for its students.
Foreign students can usually find accommodation in private houses they share with other students, in single or double rooms. Prices may go from € 250 to € 300 per month for a single room. In general, these prices do not include gas, telephone and electricity bills nor the individual share of general expenses for the building maintenance. In the majority of cases, landlords require a deposit of two months’ rent. This deposit will be given back at the expiration of the contract.


Rovigo offers a hight quality of life for a reasonable price.
Accommodation is the most expensive part; average rent for a room in a private flat in Rovigo starts at 250 euros/month.
To help students planning their budget at our Conservatory, here is a list of some goods and services:
bread (0,5 kg) 1 euro
milk (1 lt) 0,80 euros
sugar (1 kg) 1,20 euros
pasta (0,5 kg) 0,40 euros
oranges (1 kg) 1 euro
pizza 5 euros
espresso coffee (1 cup) 1,10 euros
bus ticket (1 hour) 1,20 euros

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