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EU students can have medical assistance if :

- they have a European Health Insurance Card (in Italian language T.E.A.M.= Tessera Europea Assicurazione Malattia) issued by the country of origin that allows the student to receive all necessary medical treatments. If necessary, they can go directly to a General Pratictioner (G.P. /doctor) who is operating with the National Health Service (SSN) than supplies the treatment, whether general or specialist or go directly to any hospitals located in the area.

- they have the E106 Form with which you have the right to receive a complete sanitary service. The E106 Form is issued by the health authorities of the country of origin. The E 106 form can be requested by anyone who is insured in their own country.

For more than three months staying, it is possible to enroll at SSN presenting the E106 form.

Non-EU students can obtain sanitary assistance through :

- Applying to the National Health Service (SSN) that supplies complete sanitary assistance under payment of an annual tax (deadline 31 December). You must refer to the ULSS 18 of Rovigo for the concerning procedures;

- Health insurance covering to be acquired from an insurance company.

The general practitioner

Every person registered with the Italian National Health System is entitled to choose a general practitioner, also called family doctor. A list of general practitioners is availabe at the ASL Office Viale Tre Martiri, 89, Rovigo. Each general practitioner has an outpatient department where he guarantees free general medical examinations at the fixed hours.

The doctor on duty (guardia medica)

In Italy, the doctor on duty (guardia medica) is a free health care service you can contact by phone in emergency cases when your general practitioner is not available.
By calling the free number 118, a doctor will give you advice and make an in-home examination if needed. After examination and first treatment, they can prescribe medicines, issue medical certificates and suggest an eventual need hospital admission.


Rovigo’s hospital is located in the city's suburbs, approximately 5 minutes from the city centre. Hospital admission occurs on written medical prescription from the ASL doctor. In case of accident or life-threatening situations you can call the emergency phone number 118 or go directly to the first aid section that provides first treatment in case of health emergency.

Ospedale Santa Maria della Misericordia‎
Address: Viale Tre Martiri, 140, 45100 Rovigo
Phone: +39 (0) 425 3931


Medications can only be purchased at pharmacies. Information regarding opening hours, night and weekend service can be found here and on information boards at each pharmacy.
Pharmacies in Italy are denoted by a green cross on a white background.

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